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Friday Bird Droppings

...and a happy Koji Day to you, sir.
...and a happy Koji Day to you, sir.

Adam Jones talk seems to have died down, while aging slugger talk heats up and Dan Duquette's quest for international relevance continues.

Steve Melewski: Fans looking for a total rebuild by Orioles will likely not get one Tell me something I DON'T know, hoss.

Would Fielder indirectly be on the Orioles' payroll? Is a MASN-enabled splurge a lost opportunity?

Orioles interested in Bobby Abreu? | Baltimore Orioles A much better move 5 years ago.

Will Soriano follow Zambrano out the door? - Chicago Cubs Blog - ESPN Chicago This seems to be much more speculative, but nonetheless: DO NOT WANT!

Manny Ramirez will hold a workout for MLB teams | HardballTalk There is clearly a history here, as well, but come on...

Perth Heat catcher Allan de San Miguel has earned a contract to play baseball in the US | Perth Now Who needs Yoenis Cespedes when you've got Allan de San Miguel?

Happy Koji Day! The O's signed Koji on this day in 2009.

It's the birthday of RPs Norm Charlton and Brian Bass.