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Friday Bird Droppings

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News to use or ignore while contemplating Game 5

Al Bello - Getty Images

So, it all comes down to this. Maybe. Don't tell me a little blip on the radar made you doubt the O's as an extra inning force...yes, sir. Never had a doubt last night. Anyways, the Orioles have come this far only to run up against a second helping of Carsten Charles Sabathia for the privilege of facing the Detroit Tigers in the League Championship Series. First pitch is 5:07 PM. I can hardly contain myself.

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Camden Depot: Chris Tillman: What Changed? "I'm the world's forgotten boy..."

Today is a dark day in Orioles postseason history. Time to rectify that.

It's the birthday of Sid "El Grande" Fernandez, Luis Polonia, Tony Fiore, Leslie Brea and the one, the only Nolan "Gazelle" Reimold.