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Results for the Camden Chat 2012 Pre-Season Contest

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Out of twenty-two questions asked pre-season, the highest correct by one person was 13. Check and see if it was you!

Patrick McDermott - Getty Images

Way back on March 27th, I posted the annual Camden Chat Pre-Season contest. 146 of you submitted your answers to the twenty-two questions posed, and the top score was 13. Three people matched that top score, so congratulations to Xari0tis, pjdougherty, and gregg2. Unfortunately gregg2 is not a valid Camden Chat username, so he or she won't be able to claim a prize. As for the other two, I'll be sending an email out to the address you have in your SB Nation account with instructions.

If you'd like to see how you did in the contest, click here. (hint: it'll be easiest to find your name with CTRL+F, unless you're on a Mac in which case I'm sure you're already smart enough to know the right command)
As for the questions and answers, here they are:

Which will be higher?

1. # of HR hit by Matt Wieters or # of runners he catches stealing? Caught Stealing (32 CS, 23 HR; 125 correct)

2. HR hit by Nick Markakis or HR allowed by Brian Matuz? Allowed by Matusz (Nick - 13 HR, Brian - 15 HR; 75 correct)

3. Starts by Wilson Betemit at DH or starts by all other Orioles combined at DH? All others combined. (Betemit - 8, Others - 154; 101 correct)

4. J.J. Hardy's SLG% or the Orioles win %? Orioles W% (Hardy - .389, O's - 574; 69 correct)

5. Appearances by Tsuyoshi Wada or Wei-Yin Chen? Chen (Wada - 0, Chen - 32; 96 correct)

6. Games started by Chris Tillman or Zach Britton? Tillman (Tillman - 15, Britton - 11; 45 correct)

7. fWAR of Jacoby Ellsbury or fWAR of Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, and Nolan Reimold combined? Jones, Markakis, Reimold (Ellsbury - 1.5, Jones, Markakis, Reimold - 6.9; 129 correct)

Who will be the first...

1. Minor leaguer called up? Jason Berken (10 correct)

2. Oriole to hit a home run? Nick Markakis (3 correct)

3. Team the Orioles sweep? Twins (47 correct)

4. Player traded away? Josh Bell (3 correct)

5. Oriole to pitch a complete game? Jason Hammel (19 correct)

Who will lead the Orioles in...

1. Walks (as a batter)? Mark Reynolds - 73 (49 correct)

2. Walks (as a pitcher?) Wei-Yin Chen - 57 (1 correct)

3. Innings pitched? Wei-Yin Chen - 192 2/3 (4 correct)

4. OPS? Adam Jones - .834 (37 correct)

5. Home runs? Chris Davis - 33 (2 correct)

Hodge Podge

1. Will Brian Roberts start a game before July 1st? Yes - June 12 (61 correct)

2. Will an Orioles pitcher have at least 200 IP? No (91 correct)

3. Orioles' saves: over/under 33.5? Over - 55 (86 correct)

4. Orioles' wins: over/under 69.5? Over - 93 (108 correct)

5. Which Oriole(s) will be selected for the All-Star Game? Adam Jones, Jim Johnson, Matt Wieters (131 correct)