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Tuesday Bird Droppings

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Birdland (and other basebally) related links du jour

Joy R. Absalon-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire first time doing Bird Droppings during the off season. What in tarnantion am I supposed to put here!? Well, baseball is still being played, even if it lacks the charm and charisma of Birdland. So lets take a look at what's happening.

NLCS Game 2: Giants even series up behind Vogelsong, Scutaro - McCovey Chronicles
"And Matt Holliday is a doodyhead." I can't match wits with Mr. Brisbee, so I'll just let his words serve as the lede.

Verlander vs. The Yankees: it hardly seems fair | HardballTalk

There's a lot of things about Justin Verlander that hardly seem fair.

Were the Orioles not ready for "prime time?"

It certainly appeared as if some of the Birds may have been gripping the bat a smidge too tight; trying to hit a 5-run home run every at bat.

Camden Depot: The Orioles Had a Topsy-Turvy Post-Season

Mr. Moroz tries to wrap his head around some of the weird ways in which the O's playoff run unfolded.

Grateful to the Orioles for making baseball fun again -

That we are.

Happy 21st birthday to Jonathan Schoop! On this day in 1969 the O's were stunned by the Mets, falling to the upstart club in 5 games. In 1971, Brooks would hit a game winning RBI in the 10th inning to even up the Series vs. the Pirates. In 1979 the Pirates would beat Jim Palmer and send the Series to a deciding Game 7. In 1983 EDDIE! EDDIE! hit 2 home runs in the clinching game of the World Series vs. the Phillies.