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Wednesday Bird Droppings

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O's, baseball in general, and whatever tangent the conversation leads us into.

Alex Trautwig - Getty Images

Good job, Tigers. But remain focused. You still need one more win. Carpe Diem and step on their throats. Put the Zombyankees down once and for all. Strikeout artist (and fascinating person) Max Scherzer takes the bump for the Tigers tonight, facing off against his rotundness C.C. Sabathia.

Oh, and Yankee can go ahead and take some notes from Tigers fans in regards to how to properly support your team. 104% capacity for that game last night. Good showing, denizens of Detroit.

New York Yankees vs. Detroit Tigers - Recap - October 16, 2012 - ESPN
Verlander gonna Verlander. Also, when did Delmon Young turn into a Postseason version of Carlos Beltran?

MLB Playoffs 2012 -- New York Yankees have no business playing for title - ESPN New York
Could the O's have made a better show of it than the Yanks have? I imagine so. I think about 28 other teams could have put out a better effort than this collection of over-paid, over-hyped prima donnas.

The Filthiest Pitches in Baseball - Beyond the Box Score
A quite surprising Oriole name on one of the leaderboards here.

Cicerones, Rejoice! - Baseball Nation

Where can I get one of their hats?

Ravens Roar For Orioles - Baltimore Beat Down


Ticketmaster Holds On To Fees When Refunding Orioles Fans

Much like that Citi CEO who got $260 million after overseeing a 90% drop in his company's stock value, it's a good gig if you can get it..... I'd likely be more acrimonious regarding this if I hadn't be fortunate enough to get to witness an O's playoff victory.

Happy Birthday to a local legend from my hometown of Chesapeake City, John Mabry! Birthday wishes also go out to Ken Dixon, and old-timey O Pop Dillon. On this date in 1971 Roberto Clemente felled the O's in Game 7 of the World Series by hitting .414 for the series. In 1979 Willie Stargel would be the villain after hitting a 2 run HR to lead the Bucs to another World Series victory. Is it wrong to continue to root for them to lose all the games? No. No it is not. In 1989 the Loma Prieta earthquake struck just minutes prior to the start of Game 3 of the World Series. Watching that remains one of the most indelible memories of my childhood.