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Friday Bird Droppings

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Birdly news to consider as you roll into another weekend...


The Tigers have won another pennant after a sweep of the lifeless Yankees (you're welcome, Detroit). With another Cardinals win, you can book a Tigers versus Cardinals World Series rematch. It would be their fourth such meeting. Elsewhere, the gears of the offseason start turning and the winter leagues have commenced to little fanfare.

MD Attorney General says fans told about O's ticket policies before they bought Really, Mr. Gansler? How much do you want Carcetti's office?

Baltimore Orioles player Adam Jones considering a move to Maryland - Baltimore Sun Uhh...Maryland real estate? Put a bird in it!

Nationals, Orioles split over MASN rights fees continues A story certain to annoy us for months to come.

Orioles Buzz: Keys' doomsday promotion up for 2012 MiLBY Award Vote early, vote often. A bunch of Birds related nominees (including Dylan Bundy).

What do the Orioles do with Betemit? | CSN Baltimore "Put him in the iron maiden!"

Some Prenature Winter League Batting Leaderboards Carson Cistulli attempts to make sense of it all.

Peter Schmuck also has letter grades posted for the 40 man roster, but it's in slide show format, so seek it out at your own peril.

It's the birthday of the estimable Ozzie Peraza and Jose "Joey Bats" Bautista, not to be confused with Jose "J.J." Bautista, also a former O's Rule 5 pick.