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Tuesday Bird Droppings

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News, links, off-topic conversation, occasional troll entertainment...

Jim Rogash

So, it all comes down to los Tigres vs. el Gigantes. Who ya' rootin for?

The World Series has, and will continue to, suck up all the media coverage for the next week or so. So not much in the way of O's news. But there is a smattering of content, as linked to below.

The Giants win the pennant - McCovey Chronicles
Congrats to the boys from the Bay area (West Coast Version). 'Twould be all the more sweeter if our boys from the Bay area (East Coast Version) were meeting them in an all Black and Orange World Series.

Japanese RHP Shohei Otani Coming to MLB | FanGraphs Baseball

C'mon, DD! Work some magic and get this kid in B-more!

Former Orioles outfielder Dave May dies at 68 -

h/t to rlc for pointing this out in the thread yesterday.

If There Was A Movie About This 2012 Orioles, This Would Be The Cast

Inspired choices throughout. Though I don't see why the actor who plays Dan Duquette in real life couldn't just play the same role in a movie.

It's the birthday of Hitting Coach Jim Presley. Also of Denny Bautista.

On this day in 1945 the Brooklyn Dodgers signed Jackie Robinson.