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Monday Bird Droppings

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A platform for discussing baseball and weather-related matters.

Jim Rogash

So, all in all, a pretty weak World Series. Now, the offseason begins in earnest, awards will be issued and free agency rumors will start to pick up.

Giants win Game 4 in extra innings, sweep Tigers to win World Series | HardballTalk That's all you had, Detroit? Yeesh.

Top Offseason Storylines For 2012-13: MLB Rumors - Let the speculation begin!

School of Roch: Talking about Jim Johnson The rochingest Roch that ever roched.

Memorable managerial meltdowns A timeless baseball tradition.

On this day in 1991, the Yankees selected 35 year old Buck Showalter to replace Stump Merrill as manager of the big club.

It's the birthday of Karim Garcia and Dana Eveland.