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Vote for Camden Chat in the 2012 Mobbies!

Vote for Camden Chat in the 2012 Mobbies!

It's the time again, friends. For those not familiar, every year the Baltimore Sun holds a contest where you can vote for your favorite blog in a number of categories. Camden Chat has won Best Orioles Blog every year since the contest started in 2009, thanks to all of you voting every single day.

This year there is only one category encompassing all sports, so we're up against not only other Orioles blogs but also Ravens blogs, multi-sport blogs, and even some tennis blogs. So it'll be tougher competition this year, which means I need your support even more.

You can cast one vote every single day of the contest, which began yesterday and which runs through November 9th. I'd really appreciate it if you could vote every single day to continue our string of victories, and to let everyone know the best blog around (and to give me an ego boost). So please go vote! Vote vote vote!