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Tuesday Bird Droppings

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Links and discussion which have had a Bird put upon it.

Greg Fiume

Greetings, and welcome to the post-Apocalypse. The non-coastal Mid Atlantic seems to have dodged the brunt of Sandy's wrath. The Delmarva and Jersey coasts look to have been whalloped, along with the New York and Long Island regions. I hope everyone has made it through safe and sound.

A lot of former O's in the news following the end of the 2012 season. Aubrey 'Manhorse' Huff and Ty Wiggington each had their options declined. Vlad Guerrero seeks to hang on to the dwindling end of his career by playing some Winter Ball in Mexico. But that is the past, and we are here to look to the brighter horizons of the Orioles future. Onward ho!

School of Roch: Seven Orioles declare for free agency (World Series odds for 2013)
Who among that rouge's gallery do you think will return w/ the Birds next season?

Finalists for Rawlings Gold Glove Awards revealed | News
3 O's make the final cut. Very nice. Prospects: Rankings: Organization Top 10 Prospects: 2013 Baltimore Orioles Top 10 Prospects

The future is looking brighter than it has in the recent past, even after the graduation of Top 5 (in all of baseball) prospect Manny Machado.

Camden Depot: Mark Reynolds: Release, Arbitration, or Use the Option

I love the Wrapper, warts and all. The Depot takes a more rationale view of him.

Lew Ford undergoes sports hernia surgery | HardballTalk
Still have no idea what the difference between a hernia of the regular variety and the sports variety entails. Either way, ouch.

The 2012 World Series in infographic form. | : Craig Robinson Article

If you are fan of infographics, the amazing Craig Robinson has got you covered.

Today is the Birthday of Luis Matos.