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Thursday Bird Droppings

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All the O's news fit to print!

Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Happy first day of the postseason! The Orioles may not have finished things quite the way I would have liked, but the fact is that this time last year I would have been wishing you a happy off season instead. So that's cool.

The regular season is over, and I've detailed the playoff picture in the other post on the front page here. Predictions? Who will win it all? I find that making predictions is a lot more gut wrenching when my team is one of the possibilities.

Miguel Cabrera wins the Triple Crown - Bless You Boys
Detroit third baseman Miguel Cabrera became the first Triple Crown winner in 45 years on Wednesday. Which, no matter what we think of batting average and RBI, is pretty amazing.

Former Orioles president Andy MacPhail is happy for team, 'sad I'm not part of the special season' -

School of Roch: Hearing from Tillman, Davis and Jones
Asked if the club is excited, Davis broke out his familiar sense of humor. "No, we're just going to hang our heads and mope into Texas," he said

Joe Saunders Numbers In Texas Are Bad. Real Bad. | Baltimore Sports Report
I think you gotta go with Steve Johnson, personally.

Baltimore Orioles and Oakland Athletics in Playoffs, Universe Still Intact - Call to the Pen
"And the Orioles? Show me one person who correctly called their season back in April and isn’t like, a violent schizophrenic, and I’ll gladly eat my hat." Kyle Davis, meet Dan O'Hare.

Do the Orioles have any magic left? |
"Orioles fans are left to wonder just who is going to show up in Texas — the resilient team that has bounced back from every setback during this surprising season or the toothless one that suddenly looks so lost and frustrated at the plate."

O’s Fans Sad About Division Loss But Excited For Wild Card Game Friday " CBS Baltimore
"For many Birds fans, this magical season couldn’t have ended any better, with the Orioles battling the Yankees for first place." Really?