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The many ex-Rangers who now play for the Orioles

With the Orioles and Rangers playing tomorrow, here's a look at the players in Baltimore who have Texas ties.

Ronald Martinez - Getty Images

Back when Andy MacPhail was running things, it seemed that ex-Cubs were his favorite pickup. But since Buck Showalter showed up, that trend has moved slowly towards ex-Rangers. In fact four of the major contributors to this season, Chris Davis, Tommy Hunter, Pedro Strop, and Darren O'Day, were picked up from the Rangers.

I don't really think it'll have any impact on tomorrow's game, but it's still interesting to look at. Here are the players who played for the Orioles in 2012 who have Rangers ties:

  • Buck Showalter -- Managed the Texas Rangers from 2003-2006 (OK so he's not a player, sue me).
  • Chris Davis -- Drafted by the Rangers in 2006, traded to the Orioles for Koji Uehara in July 2011,
  • Endy Chavez -- Played for the Rangers in 2011.
  • Omar Quintanilla -- Played 11 games for the Rangers in 2009.
  • Taylor Teagarden -- Drafted by the Rangers in 2005, played for them 2008-2011. Traded to the Orioles for Randy Henry and Greg Miclat.
  • Tommy Hunter -- Drafted by the Rangers in 2007, pitched for them 2008-2011, traded to the Orioles for Koji Uehara.
  • Zach Phillips -- Drafted by the Rangers in 2004, spent six seasons in their minor league system before being traded to the Orioles for Nick Green.
  • Darren O'Day -- Played for the Rangers 2009-2011, claimed off of waivers by the Orioles in November 2011.
  • Pedro Strop -- Played for the Rangers 2009-2011, basically traded for Mike Gonzalez (technically a waiver claim)

On the other side of things Koji Uehara has been pretty good for the Rangers this season, Brandon Snyder appeared in 40 games, and Luis Hernandez got two plate appearances!