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Camdencast Episode 41 - One Game To Rule Them All

The Baltimore Orioles are set to take on the Texas Rangers in the wild card game. Mark and Andrew recorded a podcast to break down all the angles for the game.

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One game is all that remains to settle the Orioles and the Rangers. You might say it's one game to rule them all. Mark and Andrew couldn't let the first playoff game in 15 years go by without breaking down as many of the angles of the game as they possibly can.

For starters, how about that starting pitching matchup? Yu Darvish vs. Joe Saunders? That's hardly even fair, man. We look at some of the amazing things Yu has done as a rookie this year, and also some of the ways that creative and bold bullpen use for the one-game playoff could help enhance the Orioles' chances of winning. They will need it, because it turns out that Darvish turns a lot of the strengths of the Orioles hitters into weaknesses.

Some other interesting storylines in the game include all the ex-Rangers who are on the Orioles, and a couple of the ex-Orioles who happen to be on the Rangers. We may have indulged in a strange little scenario where Koji Uehara reveals his true loyalty. I would say we indulged in a lot of strange things, as we often do. This beats the heck out of acquiring a bunch of former Cubs.

Other fun topics include: Mark's poem commemorating the night before the playoffs, the struggles of Pedro Strop, the dueling narratives that get snuffed out through the playoffs, Ron Washington's Michael Young suicide pact, key players for the Orioles in the game, some thoughts on the remainder of the playoff teams, and most importantly, why the rum is gone. All this and more on the latest Camdencast.

This episode is about 1 hour and 10 minutes in length. With the playoffs looming, Andrew and I had a good bit to say. Break 1 comes in at 23:00 and Break 2 is at 45:45. The Camdencast Comment Box will be returning once we are on a more regular, i.e. not-playoffs schedule.

Below you can find an embedded streaming player of the episode. All you need to do is press the triangle and it will play right in your browser.

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Camdencast remains safe for work, provided that your boss doesn't mind you listening to podcasts instead of while doing work.

If the Orioles win tonight, we will be back on Sunday. If not, we don't know when we will be back, because we will be too sad to do further podcasts.

Thanks as always to Eric, a.k.a. Orioles Optimist, for the sound breaks. If you've got any other feedback for this episode or the show in general, it's much appreciated! Until next time, take care and go O's.