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Camdencast Episode 42: Division Series Preview

The Baltimore Orioles are set to take on the New York Yankees in the American League Division Series. Mark and Andrew welcomed back Tanya from Pinstriped Bible to discuss the upcoming best-of-five series.

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For the first time in what feels like forever but is actually only a couple of days, the Orioles' season is not over if they lose their next game. It would be pretty sweet if they would beat the Yankees in the first home MLB playoff game in Baltimore in 15 years, though. Doubly sweet because I will be there.

Andrew and I start out by going over some of the emotions from the unlikely wild card game win over Texas. You already know most of them, of course, because you are a savvy baseball fan. But we had to digest them together since we hadn't talked since Thursday. Once we get over all of that - Joe Saunders! I mean, geez! - we turn our attention to the Orioles roster for the upcoming ALDS.

After the first segment (about 25:00 into the show) we were joined again by Tanya Bondurant from Pinstriped Bible, who lent some Yankees perspective to the rest of the podcast. Topics of discussion included the serious like the starting rotations that are set to go in the series, fearsome Yankees hitters, places where the Yankees are weak in the field, and, well... you know how it goes with us. There was some silliness. There will always be some silliness.

Towards the end, some series predictions. Spoiler: I am not the optimist. When have I ever been? Jesus Montero is going to hit that walk-off any inning now. And maybe I will keep on being as wrong as I have been all season.

This episode is about 1 hour and 15 minutes in length. With the ALDS looming and the company of the coolest Yankees fan I have ever met, Andrew and I had a good bit to say. Break 1 comes in at 24:30 and Break 2 is at 45:20. The Camdencast Comment Box will be returning once we are on a more regular, i.e. not-playoffs schedule.

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The sooner that we are back, the better the news is for the Orioles - but we don't know when that will be yet. Feedback is always appreciated for this episode or the podcast in general. We will be back again!