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Sunday Bird Droppings

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Just about everything you want to know about today's Game 1 of the ALDS, pitting the Orioles against the Yankees.

Ronald Martinez - Getty Images

Orioles' magical season continues | |
"The Yankees are going to be prepared; they're the Yankees," Baltimore center fielder Adam Jones said. "(Derek) Jeter's going to have his men ready to go, ready to get in our tails. And hey, I'm going to have my men ready to get in their tails." Not the best Adam Jones quote of the week, (that would be this one) but I'll take it.

Manager Buck Showalter is the biggest reason the Orioles got to where they are |
"He’s as prepared a manager as I’ve ever seen," shortstop J.J. Hardy said. "He’s easy to talk to, communicates well with everyone. He’s got all the things that a manager needs to have the respect from his players." Wonder if former players from New York, Arizona and Texas are shaking their heads at those words.

With Orioles, Buck Showalter Faces Past in Present -
Jim Thome: "Buck’s earned the résumé he’s got. The thing that’s impressed me the most is he’s always for his players. When you listen to him talk, he loves his players. And his players love him."

PressBox: Orioles' Run Started In Sarasota ... Really, It Did
"What separated Showalter was his own sense of having been humbled by the game he couldn't do without. He seemed to be the perfect embodiment of the title of Earl Weaver's book, It's What You Learn After You Know It All That Counts. Showalter knew plenty, but he had learned to work in consort with others. This was the new and improved Showalter, one ready to dare to be different."

Klapisch: Orioles could be the new '69 Mets -
"I look at them and think, ‘That’s us.’ The comparison to the ’69 Mets is obvious," [Tom] Seaver said by telephone on Saturday. "They do so many of the fundamental things correctly, and it starts with their manager." Not sure how much I like this comparison, considering whom the Mets beat that year.

Yankees' CC Sabathia hopes to fare better against Orioles in postseason than he did in regular season |
And I hope he does a lot worse, personally.

Orioles, Yankees rekindle playoff memories of 1996 -
"Orioles rookie third baseman Manny Machado was a 4-year-old when Baltimore and the New York Yankees last met in the postseason." As if I didn't feel old already.

Yankees worried they may have to weather another storm | Detroit Free Press
If today is rained out, the O's and Yanks play 5 straight games with no off-day. So, what to do with the roster? Five starters or not?

Hourly Weather Forecast for Baltimore -
It's supposed to get ugly around 7 p.m. We might be in for a long, long night.


Steve Melewski: The O's want to beat Sabathia, but not because he hit Nick Markakis
Adam Jones: "CC pitches in to Nick 90 percent of the time. Things happen. Injuries happen in the game. If anyone feels he was throwing at him, you're not a good sports fan."

Orioles have had success against Yankees ace C.C. Sabathia -
"C.C. Sabathia is winless in three starts with a 6.38 ERA against the Orioles this season, with the Orioles winning those last two starts. He’s allowed at least four runs in each of those outings and hasn’t lasted more than 6 1/3 innings in any of those starts. The Orioles are hitting .312 off Sabathia this season, the highest average of any American League team."