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Gamethread for OAK @ DET, WAS @ STL, CIN @ SFG

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Chat about non-Orioles playoff games here.

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While the Orioles game is most certainly the most important baseball game being played today, there are three more scheduled throughout the day. Use this post to chat about those games.

Oakland Athletics @ Detroit Tigers, 12:00, MLBN
Tommy Milone vs Doug Fister

The Tigers lead this series 1-0 after taking the first game last night behind Justin Verlander. You can only watch this game if you have MLB Network, which I do not. Good thing I have Ravens football to keep me occupied.

Washington Nationals @ St. Louis Cardinals, 3:00, TBS
Gio Gonzalez vs. Adam Wainwright

This is the first game of the series as the Cardinals beat the Braves in the wild card game to get here. I'm rooting for the Nationals in this one, not so much because I like them, but the Cardinals really don't need another World Series.

Cincinnati Reds @ San Francisco Giants, 9:30 PM, TBS
Bronson Arroyo vs Madison Bumgarner

Despite losing their ace, Johhny Cueto, to back spasms after just one batter, the Reds held on to take a 1-0 lead in this game against the Giants. I think I'm also rooting for the Reds, but I care less about this series than any other being played.