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Insta-Recap: Yankees 7, Orioles 2

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ALDS Game One is in the books, and the Yankees rallied late to take the 1-0 Series lead.

Rob Carr - Getty Images

When the season was rolling into its final weeks, I told myself: It's got to be the Yankees. I want to see the Orioles have to go through the Yankees in the postseason. This is the team they need to dispatch.

I got my wish, and I don't regret it, but things have not gone to plan, and the Orioles are in a quick hole in this series.

CC Sabathia was dominant, pitching into the ninth and only getting into trouble a small handful of times. The Orioles' bats - especially Adam Jones, Matt Wieters, and Mark Reynolds - got nothing going despite several opportunities. Jason Hammel, back from his second knee-related DL stint, was okay. He got some help from horrible Yankee baserunning, and the Orioles got the game right into their wheelhouse.

Tied late, and deep into the bullpen, the Orioles were showing off their horses. Darren O'Day and Brian Matusz in particular were brilliant out of the 'pen, but the wheels came completely off the bus in the ninth. Jim Johnson got one out and gave up 5 runs, and that was the ballgame.

So it goes.

There will be an actual recap later on, courtesy of Stacey. For the time being, use this space to keep on talking about the game instead of sleeping. I know none of you are gonna get a single wink tonight.