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Monday Bird Droppings

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An insightful look into the minds of the baseball press.

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What more is to be said about last night? Not an ideal outcome for Game 1. It should be noted, though, that the atmosphere at OPACY was absolutely electric. It was almost like witnessing nine ninth innings back to back.

Today is a new day. We have Chen. We have magic...and possibly dragons.

...and if you're keeping tabs on other matchups, the A's and Giants are now down 2-0 and the Nats won the first game of their series against the Cardinals.

Camden Depot: ALDS Game One: Orioles 2, Yankees 7 Daniel's take.

Steve Melewski: Jim Johnson talks about giving up five runs in the ninth Buck probably makes the exact same move 9 times out of 10.

O's Chen prepared for biggest start of pro career | News Chen's had some rough results against the Yankees. The good Chen needs to show up tonight.

The Yankees and Orioles: Who’s the Underdog? | FanGraphs Baseball Carson Cistulli on odds and the like.

And That Happened: Sunday’s Playoff Highlights | HardballTalk Quick summaries of yesterday's action.

2012's Most Exciting and Interesting Games See the amount of Orioles games in this article. Not to write any post scripts just yet, but it's been an amazing season.

It's the birthday of Mike Morgan, Keith Reed and Antoan Richardson.