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Off-day Division Series scoreboard watching

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The Orioles and Yankees have an off day today, but games are being played in Oakland and Cincinnati.

The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Giants @ Reds, 5:37pm (SFG - Ryan Vogelsong, CIN - Homer Bailey)

Tigers @ Athletics, 9:07pm (DET - Anibal Sanchez, OAK - Brett Anderson)

The Reds and Tigers can both sweep with wins tonight. If the Tigers sweep, that will affect the game start time for the Orioles in New York tomorrow.

Who do you like in these games? Do you have any sort of rooting interest whatsoever? If the O's manage to make it to the ALCS, I'd prefer they not have to face a well-rested Tigers team. Win one for pride at home, Oakland!