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Tuesday Bird Droppings

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It's a thing that exists for you to read.

Greg Fiume

I have the vanguard of some sort of illness attacking my immune system. Ugh. I hate a slow build up to the inevitable. If I'm going to be sick I want it to just get on with it. But enough of me bemoaning my fate. There's baseball to talk about! Oh, there isn't. DO SOMETHING GM'S! Quit standing on the wall staring at your shoes like a 6th grader at his first dance. Walk up and ask the apple of your eye for a dance! Onward, to the links.

Angels center fielder Mike Trout named AL Rookie of the Year Award. | News

Manny was robbed!

Anthony Castrovince: Buck Showalter's magic touch make him worthy of AL Manager of the Year Award | News

Buck yeah!

School of Roch: Will Showalter take home the hardware tonight?

The bigger question is will he resign or get fired immediately after winning?

Baseball Video Highlights & Clips | Duquette discusses the Orioles' successful season - Video | Multimedia
The actor who plays 'Dan Duquette' ticked off some talking points with Brian Kenny on Clubhouse Confidential yesterday.

Cody Ross would be a waste of money for Orioles | HardballTalk

Some Marylander bait in there.

It's the birthday of Josh Bell (who also happens to be a minor league free agent, iirc.) and Pat Hentgen. Random note: Ol' Dirty Bastard passed away on this day in 2004. Pour out a 40 for Big Baby Jesus.