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Wednesday Bird Droppings

I honestly can't fault you for not reading the links today. They are boring as all get out.

One! Singular Sensation! Every little step he takes!
One! Singular Sensation! Every little step he takes!
Jim Rogash

There are 112 days until Opening Day. That's too many.

School of Roch: Markakis: "The whole country knows what the Baltimore Orioles are about now"
Nikos is...uh...pumped...uh...for 20...uh...13, you know.

Will Orioles be hurt by World Baseball Classic? | CSN Baltimore

The WBC isn't about the competition, it's about marketing the game to other nations in an effort to build more interest in the sport. So I'm happy to see players such as Nick play for countries where there is ample opportunity for the baseball market to grow.

J.J. Hardy expresses disappointment about the Orioles' loss of Mark Reynolds -

Shorter J.J., 'You're my boy, Blue!'

12/12 is the birthday of one time O's Garrett Atkins and Phenomenal Smith.