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Sunday Bird Droppings

I almost had to lose the "s" in "Droppings" to keep the article title truthful. Man, there ain't much out there.

Patrick McDermott

Chris Davis says he'll prepare to 'play 162 games at first' for Orioles -
"But earlier this month, just after the Orioles non-tendered first baseman Mark Reynolds, Chris Davis received a phone call from Orioles manager Buck Showalter. The message: Get your first baseman's mitt ready for 2013."

Orioles, Nationals continue to clash over TV rights fees -
"The long-running dispute over the value of the Nationals' television rights has done more to ramp up anti-Oriole emotion in Washington than anything that has happened between the two teams on the field, and this Mid-Atlantic misunderstanding has led to all kinds of speculation about the future of their unhappy cable partnership."