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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Even better than the real thing


I'll spare the 6 am ramblings and just get straight on to the links.

School of Roch: Hobgood continues to receive good news about his shoulder
I'd like to say I'm sanguine about his chances of being a useful major league player at some point, but I just can't. Though I'm not ruling him out completely. Hopefully the past month spent at Bundy Bootcamp did him some good.

AL East may struggle vs Dickey knuckleball - Stats & Info Blog - ESPN

Was hoping for a bit more actual substance out of this, but alas...

Camden Depot: Are Domes a Knuckleballer's Paradise?

The Depot droppin' some physics of pitching on ya, first thing in the morning!

MASN sues Korn/Ferry over lost sales candidate - L.A. Biz

Probably inconsequential to the O's in any way, but hey...beggars can't be choosers when it comes to mid-December links.

Today is the birthday of Rex Barney, early 90's O, Chito Martinez, as well as rotund O, Mike Fetters. On this day in 1976 a small plane crashed into Memorial Stadium. In 1991, the O's signed Rick Sutcliffe to a 2 year deal.