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Friday Bird Droppings

The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

Well, my news-starved friends, if it is action you seek, abandon all hope. The word from the Warehouse remains a solitary, "mum." Crummy bowl games litter my tv screen, the office is quiet...must be the end of the year.

School of Roch: Fanning the strikeout flames "Looking for a good debate this morning?" I know of no one here fitting such a description!

A double shot of Smoak-y scuttlebutt...

Seattle's Justin Smoak could be a good for Orioles via trade -

Orioles roundup: Justin Smoak, Adam LaRoche, Joe Saunders - MLB Daily Dish

Camden Depot: Discussing the Orioles and Japanese Baseball with Yakyu Baka Right in the Duq's wheelhouse!

Orioles Season In Review | I Hate JJ Redick
Take a walk down 2012's memory lane with videos and gifs compiled over at IHJJR.

I can't remember the circumstances exactly, but Jeromy Burnitz agreed to a two year deal with the Orioles on this day in 2005.

It's the birthday of Ray Knight, Norfolk's twitter king Bill Hall and the second best Orioles closer of the last decade, B.J. Ryan.