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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Winter Meetings? Whatever. What do you think about 80's movies and Trance music?

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Somewhat active day yesterday. Haren to the Nats. Boston continues to spend their war chest on older platoon bats. The Marlins ship Yuni Escobar off to the Rays and could be looking at a team payroll in the $20m range. All the while Zach Greinke and Josh Hamilton keep waiting out the market.

And the O's? Well, the O's have stuck to the sidelines for the most part. A few meetings, trade speculation, but no concrete offers. Let the links shine some light on the status of our Birds.

Orioles meet with Nick Swisher's representatives -
If the O's are going to give up their 1st round pick, I'd rather it be to sign Swisher than LaRoche.

Are the Orioles the Answer to the Royals Prayers? | FanGraphs Baseball

Are the Royals the answer to the O's prayers?

Steve Melewski: What about the Orioles' payroll for 2013?

Resign yourself to the O's only playing in the kiddie pool.

Can the Orioles keep winning so many close games? Showalter doesn't think so -

Buck's momma didn't raise no fool!

School of Roch: Orioles meet with reps for Saunders and McLouth (updated)

Just don't make any huge mistakes, and I'll call it a successful Winter Meetings.

Orioles third baseman Manny Machado overcomes meningitis scare -

I'm not dead yet!

Today is the Birthday of a number of old-timey O's. Billy Shindle, Frank Bowerman, and Dick Cogan. Also born today, Gary Roenicke.