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Orioles Announce Holiday 5-Packs

Starting this Monday, you can buy a holiday 5-pack, which includes a ticket to Opening Day and a complimentary FanFest ticket.

Rob Carr

For the last several years I have used the Orioles Holiday 4-Pack as a way to get an easy ticket to Opening Day. This year the package has changed a bit, and I gotta admit I'm not crazy about it.

First off, it's now a five pack, which means the package comes with a ticket to Opening Day and vouchers for four other games that must be used in April or May. I've personally found it tough to use all of my vouchers by the end of May when it was just a four pack. I usually end up going to a game on May 30th and treating all of my friends to tickets just to make up for it.

The second thing I don't like about this year's package is that, according to the press release, it's only good for upper deck tickets. In the past you could also get tickets in LF lower box at a slightly higher price. I don't mind the upper deck sometimes if it's inside the baselines and not too high up, but I really prefer sitting in the lower bowl and with this package that isn't an option.

One nice perk is that the Orioles are throwing in a free ticket to FanFest with the pack, which usually costs $10. But frankly I'd rather just pay the $10 and have the option of sitting closer to the field.

This is still not a bad deal, and if I hadn't spend the last five or so years with the excellent four pack, I would most likely not have any complaints. I may indeed purchase one still, if I don't decide to go for a 13-game season plan.

The packages go on sale on Monday at the Orioles website and will cost $110 ($22 per ticket).