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Sunday Bird Droppings

It's Sunday. There's Orioles News. Here's the place to get it.


Steve Melewski: Taking a look at the Orioles' offense
"While the Orioles did hit better in the second half, that doesn't mean they don't need some improvements. Even the club is willing to concede that. But what level of hitter can they get and at what price?"

The Oncoming Storm: Part Three - The Oriole Post
"Mark Reynolds definitely did not have his power-stroke for much of the 2012 campaign which is most likely the reason the Orioles let him go. But without his bat in the lineup what would a DH look like with the current roster?"

Focusing on Ryan Flaherty -
"The goal is to allow Ryan Flaherty to play every day in the Dominican, something he wasn’t able to do last season because he had to spend the entire season at the major league level as a Rule 5 pick. The Orioles would like to see how Flaherty handles routine."

How would you grade the Orioles' offseason so far? -
"Baseball's winter meetings came and went, and all the Orioles have to show for it is a crazy-haired left fielder and a minor league pitcher with a major league name. How would you grade their offseason up to this point?" I'd go with an "I" for incomplete, because you know DD isn't done.