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Wednesday Bird Droppings

This weather really makes me long for baseball and here we are in a new month, another day closer to Spring Training. Beautiful.

Orioles: Which Orioles prospects could be trade bait? Not a lot of options - This is kind of an odd one. I can't figure out if the point is that there is no one the O's COULD trade for Koji or no one the Rangers would find acceptable that the Orioles would give up.

Steve Melewski: These topics are worth watching in the Orioles' minors this year Townsend...Mahoney...WHO! WILL! OWN IT?!

Chicago White Sox: Mark Parent intent on establishing Chicago White Sox Way throughout organization - A pox on your White Sox Way, sir.

The 15 worst uniforms of all time - Photos I can think of worse...didn't the Pirates used to wear a wheel of cheese on their heads?

The worst All-Stars of all-time | HardballTalk Cito Sucks!

On this day in 1958, Mysterious Walker died. According to B-R, he is the only player to have had the nickname "Mysterious".

It's the birthday of Paul Blair, Joe Mahoney, Kent Mercker and Rich Becker.