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Camdencast Episode 15 - My Funny Valentine

On the day for lovers, what better way to celebrate our love for a team that hates us with a podcast? That's what Andrew and I decided, so we recorded one last night to have ready for today. It's been a reasonably eventful time in the month since we were with you last, with a variety of shenanigans ranging from not signing Yoenis Cespedes to getting their scouts banned from South Korean baseball games. Also, there was the will-they-won't-they Manny Ramirez drama and the Jeremy Guthrie trade. Mixed in with all of this is some of us waxing nostalgic about the Orioles thanks to CamdenYards20, the Orioles' official website for the 20th anniversary of Camden Yards.

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As a bonus, if you want to listen to this podcast in this very browser window, you can hit the jump and press play and you will be rolling.


Part one is about 23 minutes. We hit on the Orioles shenanigans with Cespedes, Manny, and South Korea. Just what the heck really happened there?


Part two is about 26 minutes long. This is where we talk about the depressing truth of the 20th anniversary celebration for Oriole Park at Camden Yards, plus the Jeremy Guthrie trade and what it means for the 2012 team.

Thank you as always for all the feedback. Keep listening and keep helping us give you a better show. Every comment helps. We'll be back again!