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Friday Bird Droppings

Happy Friday, folks. Our long, baseball-less drought is nearly over and we can now shift to more important things, like who will be the Opening Day LOOGY and who will be this Spring's Jake Fox.

Quick Britton update " Britt's Bird Watch "Orioles lefty Zach Britton threw between 30-40 pitches with no pain on Thursday..."

Steve Melewski: Can biomechanical analysis help the Orioles reduce pitching injuries? "During the first week of camp, [the Orioles] will likely put more than 30 pitchers through biomechanical analysis..."

Contract Extension Comps for Adam Jones | FanGraphs Baseball Recommendation: Markakis/Alex Rios hybrid type of deal

PressBox: Original Orioles Could Give Today's Edition Some Hints One hopes for something north of 1954 badness, but then...

On this day in 2003, Steve Bechler died of a heat stroke reportedly tied to ephedra use.

It's the birthday of Dick Bosman, Mike Hart, Allan Wiggins and Scott Williamson.