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Monday Bird Droppings

And it's on! I suppose we haven't heard the last of the Britton and Johnson issues or, for that matter, Roberts and Markakis.

School of Roch: Wrapping up the first day of workouts Apparently, ICE thinks Ronny's a dillweed.

Notes & images from camp " Britt's Bird Watch Day One, with Wada interview transcript. Also check out the link to the website for Rick Peterson's consulting group.

Orioles open camp under cloudy sky, murky outlook - GreenwichTime AP's Day One preview.

Sykesville man swings and misses, but still takes memorable shot at Orioles' announcer job - I'm sure he's a perfectly lovely guy and he seems like a real fan, but as someone familiar with "The Kirkster's" body of work, I must confess that my initial reaction is negative.