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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Josh Banks in the house! WOOOO!

Also, did you get your BP annual? Any quibbles with the O's section? To me, it's still a little tough on Wieters and it even has different editors this year (Steve Goldman from the Pinstripe Bible/Blog had edited the last couple years).

Notes & Images from camp: Day 10 (updated) " Britt's Bird Watch Britt's unofficial official postings are a nice with pictures!

Orioles Notebook: Birds sign Maryland native, pitcher Banks - Carroll County Times: Orioles Another perspective on the day that was from those crazy cats in Carroll County.

Report: Hardy says Twins didn’t want him to pull The Twins didn't acquire a taste for Hardy's hitting? Snap poll: who would you be more likely to trust on hitting advice: Rod Carew or Terry Crowley/Jim Presley?

PressBox: Zimmerman Contract Should Push Orioles Stan, Stan, Stan...

Camden Depot: AL East FIP and Pitching xWARs by Slot More wacky number hoodoo.