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Test your Orioles Spring Training knowledge

Do you all know the quiz site Sporcle? It's a great site. I'm a fan of their word ladder of the day.

Sporcle has set up a little Orioles-related quiz for all of us as we get ready to start the baseball season. Can you name all 56 players that were invited to O's Spring Training camp? That includes the regulars, the guys on the 40-man, and of the non-roster invitees.

And you know what, it's hard! I went into it all cocky and such, thinking I'd type out names fast as could be and be finished with time to spare. Alas, I only correctly guessed 41 of 56 (that's 73%, how embarrassing!). My boyfriend had to one up me with a correct score of 47, but that dude is a Sporcle addict. Once I saw the rest of the names I was all "D'oh!" and embarrassingly I missed two pretty obvious names.

Take the quiz here:

Once you've tested your knowledge, let me know in the comments how you did. Will anyone get a perfect score?

Edit: If you want to talk about your results in the comments, go for it. Those of you who want to take the quiz, take it BEFORE looking at the comments, ok?