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Friday Bird Droppings

Happy Friday, folks. Edwin Jackson and Casey Kotchman are no longer our concern, but Manny? Yeesh. As I write this I remember now that I had a dream about the 2012 Orioles last night and Brian Roberts was playing. Huh.

A’s, Orioles Emerge As Leading Suitors For Manny Ramirez | SI Tracking Blog – Appropriately enough, this rumor resurfaces on Groundhog Day. Would you oppose a minor league deal?

School of Roch: Jackson's off the board (Kotchman too) Anybody want a Lannan?

Baltimore Orioles: When do we start outthinking ourselves? I wonder how common this view is?

Steve Melewski: Dan Duquette on arbitration cases and recent trade talk (update) Dan Duquette exhibits his sparkling public personality.

Talk about "Protect this House", on this day in 1900, physical confrontations ripened into a tense standoff over possession of the Union Park Grounds in Baltimore.

It's the birthday of Fred Lynn.