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Sunday Bird Droppings

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Happy Birthday to Bowser herself today!

And apparently, there's one more football game. Don't know why they're bothering, the season ended two weeks ago. Sheesh, NFL, try and keep up. Honestly, there's not much in the way of Orioles news. To say there's slim pickin's would be an insult to this guy. But here's what's happening:

Orioles Unload 'Everything But the Crab Cakes' into Ed Smith Stadium - Sarasota, FL Patch
"Spring Training is getting closer, as the Baltimore Orioles unload a van full of supplies into its Baseball Operations Center and Ed Smith Stadium on Saturday. "We've brought everything but the crab cakes," said Laura Williams, Orioles director of Florida Operations." Oh, and there's video.

Ernst: Orioles' promise of youth facility looks hollow |
"Just tell them what they want to hear. It's a surefire strategy in most cases, and we can see how it was used to perfection in the Sarasota County Commission's dealings with the Baltimore Orioles baseball team." Seems the O's haven't made everyone happy down in Florida.

Orioles' Taiwanese starter called best investment: LA Times - CNA ENGLISH NEWS
"A three-year baseball contract the American Baltimore Orioles signed with Taiwanese pitcher Chen Wei-yin was one of the "smartest" investments in Major League Baseball (MLB) recently, the Los Angeles Times said in its Saturday edition."