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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Sad news about Danny Clyburn yesterday. Clyburn played in the system in the ealry 90s and was shot in front of his home in South Carolina. The Cespedes saga appears to be nearing an end as the Cuban sensation is set to meet with the free-spending Marlins, though the Birds are apparently sending another scouting team South to check up on Cuban talent.

Former Orioles Player, Danny Clyburn Jr. Shot And Killed | SI Tracking Blog – R.I.P.

Latest On Yoenis Cespedes: MLB Rumors - Marlins seem to be making a major push to get Cespedes.

Orioles planning another visit to scout Cespedes - Maybe Fred Ferreira can ink Soler?

KBO protest over Orioles poaching schoolboy pitcher - Not entirely sure what the ramifications are here (if there's a contract, can it be voided? future dealings in Korea?)

Amber Theoharis: Once again, O's opening day starter unknown Check the list of recent vintage Opening Day starters...ugh.

Orioles' organization preview, Top 20 Prospects | Another list, courtesy of

On this day in 1999, for the first time in 25 years of hearings, an arbitration case was heard by a female.

Happy birthday, Felix've still got a friend in Birdland!