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Photo Day Fun/Sadness

Today was Photo Day for the Baltimore Orioles and as such I now have access to a bunch of pictures, some of which are just kinda silly. Let's look at a few!


This is my favorite of all the pictures. Has there ever been a guy as happy to pose for photo day as first base coach Wayne Kirby? Other guys try to look cool or serious, but Wayne is all CHEESE!

Click through for more (smaller) photos.


Can't someone get Ryan Flaherty a hat that fits?


Notice how I grip the ball with confidence. Also notice my well defined forearm. I promise this year will be different!


Sure, my power has dropped and I never turned into the star that people thought I'd be, but look at me. I am one handsome devil.


And now for the sad pictures. I originally had these mixed in with the rest, but they're just too sad. This was supposed to be a silly, fun post! And then I saw Brian Roberts.


If someone told me to draw a picture of what I'd imagine someone with a concussion would look like, this is pretty much exactly what I'd draw. Brian :(


So I was really just kidding with that last one, and then I saw this. Now I'm actually sad.

All photos courtesy of PRESSWIRE