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Wednesday Bird Droppings


Good morning, friends. Another thrilling exhibition game in the hopper and Jai Miller continues to impress while Jason Hammel did his Jason Hammel thing. Encina notes (see MLBTR) that there were a bunch of scouts watching today's game. Could be rivals checking out the Rays best, but it had also been stated earlier on MLBTR that the Phils are looking for infield help and the Natties are looking for bench help. Dealin Dan to the rescue?

Rays’ Moore, Orioles’ Hammel are impressive | Hanmel on trial!

A few post game notes " Britt's Bird Watch For this we gave up the man with two first names?

Bob Haynie: So Far, So Good For The O’s Young Pitchers " CBS Baltimore Well, that's a relief!

Being held captive at gunpoint just one obstacle Orioles' Ayala has overcome - Ah, the triumph of the human spirit!

Too soon to tell if Bundy will be a Shorebird | The Daily Times | Why don't you tell me where you want to pitch?

Ichiro’s impression of Sean Connery as James Bond rules Mariners’ new commercial crop | Big League Stew - Yahoo! Sports To good to not post.

Happy Birthday Kevin Brown (I think I may have sent birthday wishes to the wrong Kevin Brown a few weeks back...oh, well) and...