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Monday Bird Droppings


A little more than a week to go...I can hear that cheesy, glam rock keyboard riff in my head getting louder. I should really see someone about that.

School of Roch: Orioles play to their fifth tie Another tie. They award points for that in the new playoff scheme, right?

Matusz’s afternoon " Britt's Bird Watch Not a great outing for Matusz, velocity and location were, "meh."

Numerous roster decisions looming for Birds - Carroll County Times: Orioles Does anyone really expect anything bold and outside the box, here?

For Orioles, a look into past beats a look into future - The Washington Post Et tu, Dave Sheinin?

On this day in 1960, Lee MacPhail moved an Orioles exhibition series from Havana, Cuba to Miami. Apparently, caution is a genetic trait.

Happy birthday to Mickey Weston and Jason Dubois.