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Camdencast Episode 17 - The AL Beast

We were joined last night by Jon Shepherd, our blogO'sphere compatriot from the excellent Camden Depot, in a show we were originally thinking would be more of an AL East preview than anything. The Orioles turned around and had some news yesterday, though, so we ended up hitting on some topics including the status of Brian Roberts, and wondering what the heck Dan Duquette was doing when he overloaded certain roster spots with guys on guaranteed contracts.

Plus a couple of pet peeve-related rants, one by Jon on the use of Twitter during games by Orioles beat writers, and one by Andrew on a broadcaster platitude that gets under his skin. Then, we look at the AL Beast and how we think things will end up shaking out. Spoiler: the Orioles are going to come in last place.

This podcast is about 53 minutes long. Somewhere within are instructions on how to enter yourself to win a copy of The Fielding Bible from Andrew. Keep your ears peeled!

Remember, you can subscribe to this podcast on iTunes or through another program of your choice if you plug in our XML link.

As a bonus, if you want to listen to the podcast in this very browser window, below the jump awaits an embedded player that only needs you to click play. Camdencast remains safe for work - provided, of course, your boss will not care that you are listening to an Orioles podcast instead of while doing work.

Please let us know if there's anything we can do to improve, or if you have any other suggestions for the podcast. Thanks as always for the feedback! We expect to be back with another podcast on April 5 for a full-blown Orioles season preview with the site's Bowser herself, Stacey Long. See you then!