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1997, The Last Good Year: A Camden Chat Series

About a month ago, Andrew_G sent out an email to several of the Camden Chat writers with an idea for a season long writing project on 1997. It's the last time the Orioles went to the playoffs, and the last time they even had a winning season. For a generation of fans, that is the best Orioles team they have ever seen, and who knows when we'll see another?

It's been fifteen years since 1997, and a lot has happened since then. So in celebration of the that season and to take a trip down memory lane, we're going to spend this season remembering what was.

Joining Andrew and me in this endeavor are Eat More Esskay, j.q. higgins, and new Camden Chat writer PaulFolk. We'll be writing about the players, highlighting games, going over the events of 1997 throughout the season. The first post will be written by me and will go up tomorrow, a preview of April 1997. The second will be a recap of Opening Day 1997 on Monday, April 2nd. After that you can expect roughly one post per week (maybe more if the mood strikes us) that will take you back to the Orioles last good year.