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Saturday Bird Droppings

Happy weekend! It's a VERY happy weekend for at least one Marylander, as I just saw that a winning ticket to last night's lotto was sold in Baltimore County. I saw on the Twitter last night (from actual news outlets, not crazy people) that no one had won, but shockingly the internet was wrong. So was it you, EME, who won? Was it you, Brotz13? Was it you, PaulFolk? OK, those are all the Camden Chatters that I'm certain live in Baltimore County.

There are only two days left to enter the pre-season contest! We have 128 entries so far.

Camden Yards, the stadium that changed baseball and Baltimore, turns 20 -
A nice trip down memory lane with Peter Schmuck.

Teagarden will begin season on DL, opens door for Paulino -
It's not big news since we all saw it coming, but Taylor Teagarden will start the season on the disabled list. Ronny Paulino will take his place. Also, I feel compelled to tell you that this story, along with the one above it and the one below it, are by Baltimore Sun writers. Why put up a pay wall if their stories will just be posted for free other places?

Final roster shaping up for the Orioles -
The Orioles will start the season with four bench players and it's looking like it will be Endy Chavez, Ryan Flaherty, Nick Johnson, and Paulino.

School of Roch: Showalter speaks after 6-4 loss
Updates on how Buck feels about Jim Johnson, Matt Lindstrom's hamstring, and Roch's thoughts on the bullpen (just ignore that part about Simon).

2k12 Divisional Preview -- AL East | The Wayward Oriole
The best part is his predicted order of finish.

Putting Mike Mussina In The Orioles Hall Of Fame Sends Wrong Message To Fans | Baltimore Sports Report
Really, Zach Wilt? Do you understand what Hall of Fame means?

On Mike Mussina, Who Deserves Only What He Deserves | The Loss Column
And another opinion, in which Mike Mussina is declared "not an Oriole" whose name doesn't even belong with MIKE FREAKING BORDICK. Why do people LOVE Mike Bordick so much?

And now some brief commentary from me on Mike Mussina. I thought I was over it, but those last two columns got my blood boiling again. THE NEW YORK YANKEES ARE JUST A BASEBALL TEAM. Frank Robinson, who is in the Orioles Hall of Fame, the real Hall of Fame, and who is getting a statue built outside the stadium this year, played baseball for 21 years, only six of which were with the Orioles. He played five years for other teams after he left Baltimore. FAKE ORIOLE ALERT! TEAR DOWN HIS STATUE!

Mike Bordick, who wasn't even THAT good at baseball, only spent part of his career with the Orioles and didn't end his career with the Birds. But he hung around Baltimore sniffing for a job that he finally got, so he must be a true Oriole. How about Harold Baines (who, for the record, I adore)? Yeah, he's a Maryland fella, but everyone knows he's more Chicago White Sox than Baltimore Orioles. Kick him out! And why on earth is Bobby Grich in the Orioles Hall of Fame? After seven years in Baltimore he finished his career with a solid decade playing for the Angels. He is SO not an Oriole, right?

People are ridiculous.