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Monday Bird Droppings

Let the fake games begin!

Notes & images from camp day 15 (updated twice) " Britt's Bird Watch Britton's on target and Ronnie is still a dillweed.

Bundy enjoying first big league camp - Carroll County Times: Orioles Happy! Joy!

Orioles INF Ryan Flaherty on with "Fran The Man" and Andrew Koch - WGMD.COM What do you REALLY know about Ryan Flaherty?

Camden Depot: Eyes on Spring Training: Is Chris Davis the Next Eric Karros? Another perspective on an early candidate for the Jake Fox award.

Number of Innings-Eaters and Team Success - Beyond the Box Score How about some metrics and graphics on mentoring?

A look at how the number of 200-inning-pitched starters correlates with a team's success in the regular season and postseason. With infographic.

On this day in 1996, the Veterans Committee elected both Earl Weaver and old timey Orioles manager to the Hall of Fame.

It's the birthday of Kevin Brown, Jeffrey Hammonds, Jose Mercedes and Erik Bedard.