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Wednesday Bird Droppings

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Given the last couple of days, I'm going to try and keep things light this AM, cool?

Guy in the Tebow Orioles jersey comes forward - DC Sports Bog - The Washington Post So, Time Tebow's still a thing, huh?

Baltimore Orioles | Batman Field Jumper | Opening Day | The Daily Caller Baltimore City: Soft on Crime...Vote Carcetti!

MASN posts ratings increase for Orioles' season opener - Baltimore Business Journal "MASN saw a 14 percent increase in television viewers for the Baltimore Orioles 2012 season opener compared with the first game of last year, according to Nielsen ratings"

Photos surface of MLB commissioner Bud Selig rubbing elbows with Fidel Castro | Bud Selig being accused of hypocirsy? Well, now I've heard everything.

Should The Orioles Look At Brandon Allen? | April It's like deja vu all over again.

Sports Comment: Minor moves key for Orioles A popular theme early on this season.

It's the birthday of Steve Scarsone and Rick Stahl.