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Camdencast Episode 19 - The Blame Game

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With a series upcoming against the Toronto Blue Jays, Andrew and I thought we might as well go ahead and invite back on our podcasting counterpart from Bluebird Banter, JohnnyG, to get a little Blue Jays fan perspective on the young season and what it might have in store. Although first, before we have Johnny on (he enters at about 13:00), there's a little ranting about Kevin Gregg, and whether or not it's fair to blame him for everything that goes wrong. It's probably not fair, but it's cathartic anyway.

Topics include some discussion on the starting pitchers Toronto will be sending out in the series, a little bit on the Toronto front office and how it's kind of playing "Jerkball", whether it's working or not, what baseball would be like with no announcers, and other fun stuff. There is just a little lament over Tony LaCava not being hired by the Orioles, and why this is fortunate for the Blue Jays.

Will the optimism by some Blue Jays fans be crushed? Orioles fans know this feeling well. Will Chris Davis strike out ten times in the weekend's three game series? All the Jays pitchers can rack up the strikeouts, so it's possible.

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Camdencast remains safe for work, provided that your boss won't care if you listen to podcasts instead of while doing work. In talking about Wednesday night's loss in the first few minutes, though, we use Adam Jones' phrase slapdick a few times, so don't listen to the first few minutes around somebody who might be offended by someone saying slapdick.

If you've got any tips or suggestions, please let us know so we can continue to bring you more excellent podcasts. We'll be back again!