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Monday Bird Droppings

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At least I didn't post a picture of Kevin Gregg.
At least I didn't post a picture of Kevin Gregg.

A fella once said that two out of three ain't bad, but I'm guessing that fella never had to worry about acquiring the taste for Kevin Gregg's pitching.

Matusz: flat-out didn’t get the job done " Britt's Bird Watch I really do feel for Matusz. He's definitely taking ownership of his failings and seems miles ahead of where he was last year, but the results haven't seemed to match the effort thus far.

The Orioles can’t take much more Kevin Gregg | HardballTalk I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMOOOOOOOOORE!

LOCAL ROUNDUP: Shorebirds crush Greensboro in series finale | The Daily Times | The Shorebirds tore up the opposition in an assault powered by blog favorites Gabriel Lino and Sammie Starr. Jason Esposito featured prominently, as well.

Omar Infante activates Marlins sculpture for first time, home run ball ends up with lingerie model | Big League Stew - Yahoo! Sports Look at it! Looooooook!

On this day in 1999, the great Kaoru Betto passed.