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Around the Minors: week 2!

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March 7, 2012; Sarasota, FL, USA; Xavery wonders if he will be an org guy like also pictured Pedro Florimon. Mandatory Credit: Joy R. Absalon-US PRESSWIRE
March 7, 2012; Sarasota, FL, USA; Xavery wonders if he will be an org guy like also pictured Pedro Florimon. Mandatory Credit: Joy R. Absalon-US PRESSWIRE

Norfolk continues to be in last place, but only 1 game out of 3rd in their 4 team division. Chris Tillman's 4.73 ERA in 13.1 innings belies his 1.65 WHIP, as he continues to struggle with control, with a 13/9 K/BB. What is likely a result of a small sample size, his GB/FB ratio is 2.38. As you may know, I'm not Xavier Avery's biggest fan, nor am I particularly enthusiastic about how aggressive the Orioles have been with him. And after a few weeks (13 games) he is slashing 264/361/415/776. However, it is worth nothing that over the last week or so he has collected 5 walks. I hate to be excited about five walks, but it is intriguing to see maintain his ability to get on via on the baseballs. (He's had 49 walks in both 2010 and 2011 which is kind of an odd coincidence.) There isn't much to report on the other Tides other than some random notes: Jai Miller has 24 strikeouts in 45 at bats, Matt Antonelli has a 458 OBP and a 188 batting average, 3E1N has an 8.49 ERA in his first 11.2 innings, Pat Neskek has a 0.00 ERA.

The Baysox are 5-9 currently, in 4th place in their division. Manny Machado continues to not be overmatched, slashing 288/373/481/854 after 13 games with 7 walks in 59 plate appearances. Of concern with him is the proclivity for errors, though I don't have a good total that I see on his MiLB page. And errors are not necessarily meaningful anyway, especially in the minor leagues. Still though, I wouldn't be a pessimistic Oriole fan without mentioning this. Jonathan Schoop is picking it up a bit of late, raising his slash line to 214/283/286/568 with 3 walks in 45 plate appearances. Tyler Townsend has had a nice 11 games: 293/408/585/993. He has 8 walks in 49 plate appearances; in 2011 he had 11 walks in 263 plate appearances in Frederick. Worth watching for sure. LJ Hoes is slashing 204/350/245/595 with 10 walks in 59 plate appearances. While he demonstrates little power, he can draw a walk. Too bad he can't play second. Bobby Bundy (Biff?) had a tough start this week, so his ERA is up to 4.60 after 15.2 innings, with a K/BB of 11/5 and .67 GB/FB.

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Frederick is 5-6 to start the season. Trent Mummey is not off to a fast start slashing 171/302/200/502 with six walks in 41 plate appearances (there is your ray of sunshine). In 8 innings, Clayton Shrader has a K/BB of 13/6, a WHIP of 1.00 and has allowed 1 ER. Mike Wright has had 2 nice starts on the season, in 11 innings he has a K/BB of 7/2 with an ERA of 0.82. Kyle Simon has had 3 starts now and has a 6.14 ERA in 14.2 innings, with a GB/FB of 2.89 and a K/BB of 10/3. Other Key notes: Friend of the blog Ronnie Welty has an OPS of 1.198, 2011 SALLY league all star Tyler Kelly has an OPS of 1.039 and Jason Gurka has not given up an ER in 5.2 innings.

OK, the Shorebirds. Your first place Delmarva Shorebirds are 9-5 currently. Dylan (Happy?) Bundy has now thrown 9 professional innings, having yet to allow a hit or a run and just one mere walk, while striking out 15. What should the Orioles do with him? There has been a lot of good discussion on the open threads about him, for those of you who may not be able to always read them. When he is not striking them out, he is keeping the ball on the ground, with a GB/FB ratio of 3.00. 20 year old righty Parker Bridwell had an OK start this week, and now has thrown 10 innings on the season and has a K/BB of 7/2 with an ERA of 2.70 and a GB/FB ratio of 0.57. 18 year old lefty Eduardo Rodriguez had a nice start on Sunday, and has a 1.86 ERA in 9.2 innings with a K/BB of 5/3. It is probably nice for the Venezuelan to be teamed up with Gabriel Lino. 19 y/o old righty Miguel Chalas had a nice start on Monday, and after 10 innings sports a 3.60 ERA and a not so pleasant K/BB of 8/7. 21 y/o lefty Tim Berry has a 3.68 ERA after 14.2 innings, and a K/BB of 17/4 (!). Given that he spent a good chunk of time in Salisbury last year, he might be getting closer to Frederick to allow some talented relievers to start. Like Zachary Davies, who had a nice performance on Saturday and now sports a 9/3 K/BB in 7.1 innings. The 19 y/o righty bonus baby from last year needs to pitch though.

Glynn Davis is batting 362/429/362/790 with 5 out of 6 stolen bases. Nice to see him OBPing so well, but would like to see some power, even though his ISO in Aberdeen was .066 last year. 22 y/o Johnny Ruettiger is batting 327/419/365/785 also with 5 out of 6 stolen bases. Given his age, you wonder if he might be ready for Frederick. 18 y/o Gabriel Lino had quite a game this week, and is now slashing 333/396/571/967 after 11 games. Nice to see him off to a hot start in what has to be a huge jump from the GCL, especially given cultural adjustments. It will be really interesting to see how he does. FWIW, fellow Venezuelan catcher Victor Martinez was 21 by the time he hit the SALLY, though he wasn't there for long. Jason Esposito has been doing much better this week, and has raised his slash line to 264/350/302/652, with 5 walks in 58 plate appearances, but also 16 strikeouts. He has stolen 4 out of 5 bases. Nicky Delmonico is struggling a bit, batting 174, but has also put up the following line in his first dozen games as a pro: 269/283/552. But he is walking (6 in 52 plate appearances and has had a a few extra base hits so far. Other shorebird notes: Wynston Sawyer carries a 476 OBP, Connor Narron has a 343 OBP, and Jake Cowan has struck out 9 in 9.2 innings.