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Tuesday Bird Droppings

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Did you survive the off day? The Orioles are back in action tonight against the Blue Jays, who will be looking for revenge or something. Will Tommy Hunter get his act together tonight? What do you think?

Orioles sign veteran infielder Bill Hall |
Bill Hall will report to Norfolk.

Showalter 'good cop, bad cop' | Edmonton Sun
Buck is whatever you need him to be.

Camden Depot: Arrivals and Departures: 4/23/12
Status update on options, transactions, etc.

School of Roch: Willis: "I don't have anything to lie about. I'm more embarrassed than anything"
Dontrelle Willis says he was released. The Orioles say no. Ridiculousness abounds.

Waiver wire: Orioles' Reimold a trendy pick |
Nolan Reimold is the most added player on fantasy baseball rosters on ESPN. Nice!

Contract uncertainty not weighing down Adam Jones -
I can't believe Jones will be a FA after 2013. It sometimes still seems like he just got here.