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Camdencast Episode 20 - Kimpossible

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On Twitter, Jon Bernhardt is the personification of the inherent existentialism that being an Orioles fan entails. More importantly, he is also a writer for Baseball Prospectus in addition to being an O's fan. Recently, Jon wrote about the Seong-Min Kim situation and how the business decisions made by the O's have created a situation where Kim's baseball career is potentially ruined, through no fault of his own. We spend about 20 minutes getting more of the inside story on the situation from Jon, though really, none of us Internet writers can be sure of what is going on, and it's sad that there is no way to hold people accountable.

With the remaining 35 minutes or so of discussion, we ponder whether Brian Matusz will ever look like the guy we all hoped he would be (spoiler alert: there's not much optimism to be found), whether Chris Tillman will ever amount to anything, whether Tommy Hunter sucks, and whether it's worth being just a little excited about Wei-Yin Chen after three big league starts. Okay, maybe there is a little optimism about that last one.

Right at the end, some Adam Jones talk. Is his early start for real? Should he be traded or should he be extended? What's the price for an extension? Tune in for all this and more.

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