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Around the Minors week 3!

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Feb 26, 2012; Phoenix, AZ, USA; This person may be related to Connor Narron who may be a prospect.  Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE
Feb 26, 2012; Phoenix, AZ, USA; This person may be related to Connor Narron who may be a prospect. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE

The Tides are no longer in last place! More importantly, there might actually be a genuine prospect there, in the form of Xavier Avery. He is slashing 275/386/449 for an OPS of 835. He has a K/BB of 18/12 in 69 at bats. He also has 7 stolen bases. The K rate is a little concerning, but you have to be impressed with the walks and respectable iso. And of course, it is important to note that he is 22. Chris Tillman has a 20/11 K/BB in 18.1 innings and an ERA 5.30, his WHIP is 1.71 and he has allowed 2 homers. I know there is a lot not to like there, but but there is the strong K/9 in there. Other notes: Matt Antonelli has an OBP of 420. Jai Miller has 29 strikeouts in 54 at bats. Ryan Adams is still alive, but not giving Ryan Flaherty any reason to look over his shoulder.

Bowie in in last place in their division. Manny Machado is slumping of late, his slash line now at 236/333/389/722, he has 11 walks in 85 plate appearances and has committed 4 errors thus far. Jonathan Schoop is at 206/270/309/579 with 5 walks in 73 plate appearances. LJ Hoes is at 284/398/338/736, presumably making Kyle Hudson proud. Tyler Townsend is regressing towards the mean, but the mean is still not quite defined, he is slashing an impressive 274/366/597/963. Bobby Bundy has a 5.31 ERA in 20.1 innings, with a K/BB of 14/9. He needs to make a few adjustments obviously.

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Frederick in 3rd place, a game out of last and 2 games under 500. Trent Mummey is not off to a great start, batting 188/298/208/507, after sixteen games. I'm not sure if he has been benched of late however. There are couple good hurlers though. Clayton Schrader has a K/BB of 15/8 in 10 innings, allowing 1 earned run. Mike Wright has pitched 22 innings in his 4 starts, with a K/BB of 16/4, an ERA of 2.86, a GB/FB of 1.14 and a WHIP of 1.14. Fellow draftee from last year is Kyle Simon, and he has found the Carolina League a bit more perplexing, with an ERA of 6.31 in 19.2 innings and a K/BB of 12/4. He does have a GB/FB of 2.92.

How about some good news?

Dylan Bundy...there has been a lot bandwidth used on him here, but I will plug the piece with him and video by OF21. He has been nothing short of remarkable, 0 hits in 13 innings, and a K/BB of 21/1. Parker Bridwell has struggled a bit, with a 5.79 ERA in 14 innings and a K/BB of 8/5. Eduardo Rodriguez has 11.2 innings and a K/BB of 6/6, though it is important to note that he is 19. He does have an ERA of 1.54, but you want to see stronger peripherals of course. Timothy Berry is doing well, with a K/BB of 23/7 in 18.1 innings and an ERA of 3.44. I really hope he gets moved to Frederick pretty soon, I would like to see how is K/9 would do against stiffer competition, as he is 21 and he was in Delmarva last year. 18 year old Zachary Davies continues to intrigue, with a 1.88 ERA in 14.1 innings and K/BB of 11/5.

Offensively, the Shorebirds are no slouches either. Glynn Davis: 299/375/313/688. Not a good iso, but you have to like his patience and his speed. At 20 he has time to grow. Johnny Ruettiger is really doing well, slashing 360/430/440/870 with 8 SB and a K/BB of 12/10. He also appears ready to move on. Gabriel Lino is posting a line of 333/393/537/990. For a soon to be 19 year old catching prospect, that is a real nice start. Jason Esposito is getting over his slow start, up to 236/345/278/623. I look forward to seeing that power that is supposed to be in his bat, but it is good to see the 10 walks in 82 plate appearances. Nicky Delmonico has picked it up over the last week, and is now up to 226/314/339/653. Hopefully he can build over a strong week. When looking at Delmonico and Esposito though, it's important to recall that Delmonico is 19 while Esposito is 21. Connor Narron. As many of you know, I tracked him steadily last year as an iBird despite his whopping OPS of 614. The one thing he did do well was draw a walk. And so far, in just a few games in higher level, there seems to be some signs of life: 255/328/373/700. What stands out to me in the SSS is the increased ISO, 118 this year, compared to 043 last year. If he can makes some gains in the BB% and sustain some of the ISO increase, might the 20 year old be a SS prospect? I know SSS and if and buts, but still I wonder with the "major league blood lines" and the plate discipline, can you close your eyes and see a prospect?